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NHS teacher shortage points to underlying issues: “chaotic, top-down miscommunication”

As Nantucket High School (NHS) finds itself in a teacher shortage crisis, instructors at the school point to a “top-down” lack of communication and support in the system, and high cost of housing as key causes.


  • NHS diversity not represented in AP classes

    by Sarah Swenson, editor-in-chief Walking through the doors at the Nantucket High School (NHS) is plunging into a sea of diverse chattering students. English, Spanish, Portuguese, Jamaican Patois, Bulgarian, and more, can all be heard bouncing through the hallways between classes, from a student population that represents the future of the island, and indeed, the…

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  • Anonymous students share anecdotes of dating violence and abuse

    by Anna Popnikolova Content warning for descriptions of abuse, mentions of sexual assault and rape, and sensitive topics including substance abuse and discussions of a suicide attempt.  February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, during which local advocacy organizations like A Safe Place on Nantucket work to educate the community about abuse taking place in…

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  • Malware attack shuts down school temporarily

    by Andrew Lavin and Rory Murray, contributing writers A ransomware attack is no common occurrence for the Nantucket High School tech department, staff, or students. Unfortunately, in this modern world of ever-advancing technology, it is hard to say that such an event will not happen. Ransomware attacks are malicious software, or malware, that prevents you…

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  • My struggle with Trichtotillomania; you can get better too

    by Ellie Kinsella, entertainment editor Many of you likely don’t know that I suffered from Trichotillomania for most of high school. Trichotillomania—often shortened to Trich—is a disorder where a person obsessively and compulsively pulls out their hair. This hair could be hair on their head, eyelashes, eyebrows, really anywhere on their bodies. Despite falling under…

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  • The theme of the week is: Home

    by Sarah Swenson, editor-in-chief About a month ago, I got glasses. This had been a long time coming, as any teacher who has had me and watched me squint at the board and run calculations with guessed numbers can attest to. Not only could I read the board in my classes, but I could also…

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  • Finding inspiration at a musical festival

    by Natalie Mack, assistant editor-in-chief This past weekend, 15 of my classmates, NHS chorus director Erin MacIver, NHS band director Thomas Peppard, CPS chorus director Laine Cutts, and myself, traveled to Cape Cod for a three-day musical festival. The music festival was open to schools in the Cape and Islands and was audition based. In…

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