Field hockey team struggles to find a winning record


The Whalers field hockey team has had a trying start to their 2017 season. This year’s senior captains Sydney Strate, Jadelen Harold and Sami Trattel, however, have worked hard as leaders to bring the team together and help them play as one. So despite a tough start, all the players have been working very hard to improve. With a record of 2-4 (as of October 2), it is safe to say the team has faced some tough competition so far. According to junior player Sara Lombardi, the team has ”some stuff [they] need to work on, but other than that, [they] have been playing well together.”

Since the beginning of the season, the team has grown in their ability to play together cohesively, and have been consistently improving against skilled opponents. They were defeated in their last game against Monomoy Regional High School, but Lombardi said, “that was probably the best game we’ve had so far this season.”

Monomoy is a skilled team who proved to be a tough opponent for the Lady Whalers. Despite the loss, this game did show progress and the Whalers played well as a unit. Barely a month into their season, the team has already had to deal with three of their games being postponed, and limited practice times due to weather.

Despite the rocky start to their season, the team has many more games to come, including rematches with all of the teams they have already faced. Within the coming weeks, the team hopes to play their games and make up the ones that have been previously postponed with the fortune of some good weather.

The players definitely have their work cut out for them as they face tough competitors, and their hard work will hopefully come to fruition. So far, the team is 1-1-1 within the Cape and Islands league, having scored a tie against Sturgis West. This week, the team is set to face Barnstable High School away.


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