Boys Soccer finish season unbeaten, earn #1 seed


The Whalers Boys Soccer team is continuing to dominate their league. October has been a busy month for them, with a total of 12 games scheduled throughout the month and with two games postponed early on in the month. Due to this, they are having to play three games a week as they near the playoffs. Despite this busy, tiring schedule, the team is getting impressive results. In the six games they have played so far this month, they have scored 31 goals and won every game except for one tie, keeping them undefeated.

A large portion of those goals came from a 12-0 blowout win against Cape Cod Academy at home. Goals from nine different players, including two goals each from Leshawn Goldson, Mario Reyes, and Douglas Castro and a goal from freshman David Lemus, helped the team to this convincing win. Goalkeeper Vainius Valentukevicius did not touch the ball a single time in the first half. And in the second half, goalkeeper Jermaine Fearon only got the ball on a few passbacks from his defenders, which goes to show the extent to which Nantucket dominated the game.

This type of game has been common throughout their season, with other results this month including a 6-0 win against Monomoy Regional High School, a 5-0 win against Pope John Paul, and a 6-0 win against Falmouth Academy.

They have also had their fair share of more difficult games including a 2-0 win against Sturgis West and a 0-0 tie against Martha’s Vineyard, both at home.

They recently conceded a goal for the second time this season in a 4-1 win over Rising Tide Charter School. It was a frustrating game for the team as they struggled to score and Rising Tide scored a goal off one of their only opportunities. Nantucket was having difficulty finding passes and the attackers were continuously getting caught offside. Two goals in the first half, one from senior Leshawn Goldson and one from senior Mario Reyes led the team to a score of 2-1 at halftime. The defense, including senior Gideon Holdgate, junior Charlie Clarke and senior captain Emmet Clarke, gave Rising Tide few other chances to score. In the second half, Reyes scored two more goals in quick succession to seal the win for Nantucket despite the teams subpar playing.

“Playing like that will not get us far in the playoffs” admitted captain Christopher Amaya. “We cannot get complacent. We need our players to give their best effort no matter who we are playing which is something we failed to do in the game against Rising Tide” he further explained.

The team has 5 games left in the regular season, and they have already qualified for playoffs. They currently have a 12-0-1 record. If they stay undefeated, they will likely have earned the number one seed and will be given two playoff games on their home field.

In the history of the program, the team has never won the south sectional final. They have made it there twice in the past three years, and in the 2017 season they were knocked out in the semi-finals. Consistently getting deep into the playoffs without ultimately winning has become a disappointing norm for the team. This year they are hoping to change that. They have a strong lineup with weaknesses in only one or two positions. If they can continue to defend as well as they have and minimize their errors in attack, then this could be the team that makes history.


By Vanius Valentukevicius

Contributing Writer

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