Field Hockey finishes another disappointing season

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The field hockey team currently finds themselves in what players describe as a “building year”. They continue to improve while adjusting to a new coaching staff. New coach, Jamie Lower has taken over as head coach this year. This change in coaches came after long-time head coach Lori Moran, resigned her position.

“It’s been good to have a different coach, Jamie has been very good,” said senior captain Sara Lombardi. “Jamie is very good coach,” she added.

 Recently, the team secured a clutch win against Sturgis East, but then tied against them in the following game. They’ve had a hard season, illustrated by their 1-3-12 record so far, with their opponents proving to be very challenging. Playing bigger schools in their division, such as Dennis Yarmouth, proves to be quite an obstacle for the Nantucket Field Hockey Team.

The team’s 2-0 victory over Sturgis East has so far been the highlight of the season. Camie Strojny scored the first point of the game, a lightning fast goal coming in the first 20Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 5.07.23 PM.png seconds. The second was scored by freshman Quincy Sullivan and assisted by junior Madison Bird. The Whalers’ solid defense was successful in keeping Sturgis East from scoring any goals. In the reverse fixture against East, the team was unable to materialize any goals, but the defense remained disciplined and did their job. The game ended with a 0-0 draw. Rain and the brisk fall wind made it hard for the girls, and despite numerous on target shots from the Whalers, none led to a goal.

Despite their record, players remain optimistic about their team play, and continue to focus on practice. They believe the team is continuing to improve everyday.

“Although we’ve had a rough season, we still work hard as a team. I am proud of our improvement as players and our ability to grow. Our record doesn’t reflect on our true progress,” said senior player Gabby Mcallister.

Division IV has been a challenge for the Lady Whalers field hockey team. The competition is extremely skillful which makes for challenging games. Bigger schools as such as Barnstable and Dennis Yarmouth pose the biggest threats to the team in future seasons. Although the girls are very fit and skillful, things didn’t always come together in games. The record may not show it, but the girls played with passion and had strong chemistry.

“Our competition is hard, playing in division with bigger schools has proven to be difficult,” said senior player Emma Laredo. “However, with every game our skill level increases.”

Going forward, the Field Hockey Team hopes to secure at least one more win. A late win would cap off their shaky season on a high note, and instill confidence in next year’s team. In what was regarded as a year of building and development, the Field Hockey Team has taken strides towards better seasons in the near future. 


By Nathan Maurer

Contributing Writer

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