Drama Club puts on “Rumors”

The annual Drama Club production started Thursday, November 15th and ended with a matinee on Sunday, the 18th of November. A handful of talented students returned to the Nantucket High School’s Drama club to bring “Rumors,” by Neil Simon to life. This year’s productions were extra special, with playwright Neil Simon having died very recently. For the first time in years, the cast consisted almost solely of upperclassmen, nearly all returning to the Drama club from the year before. Seniors Beck Barsanti, Jenna Genthner, Nicole LeBlanc, Joey Osley, Seven Folger, Ben Rudd, and Gabby Macallister were accompanied by juniors Matthew Holdgate and Skyler Kardell on stage. Junior Chelsea Remick could also be found backstage managing ques and lines for those on stage. While the cast may have been returning members, Director Kate Mellitz is a first time director at the high school theater scene. Although she does have previous theater experience under her belt. Leblanc commented, “Mellitz did an amazing job, especially with juggling the hard schedules of high school kids; not to mention many of us were going through the college process.” Unlike last year, rehearsals were much fewer, although the actors admitted it worked out alright as the time taken every week remained more productive than ever. The crowd would seem to agree as well, as attendance increased as the weekend pressed on.

“Rumors” is a play about the attempted suicide of a character never introduced on stage and his friends’ reactions to the situation having arrived under the impression that they were attending an anniversary party. The show was a comedy, relying heavily on fast paced dialogue and perfectly timed entrances and exits. The actors did a fabulous job bringing the play to life, as sophomore Katie Genthner remarked, “I’ve been going to these plays for the last couple of years; this has by far been the funniest one yet. The cast was incredible.” While the play was geared towards a mature audience, the actors managed their roles with experience. A senior and one of the leads, Joey Osley, commented on the maturity, “It made it more enjoyable for high schoolers and adults alike who always seems to be our main audience.” The audience remained strong at all performances, the members suggested that the audience, which remained strong at all performances, make a donation to the food party at the door.. Genthner said, “The change was so huge and really great to see. I’m really glad that our director was up for the idea because it really paid off and we got two large boxes worth of food for the food pantry. It was great!”

Next year should be a building year for the club as many seniors will be leaving the production next year, with many of its members hoping to continue their acting career in college and beyond. Seniors LeBlanc, Macallister, and Folger are all looking towards a career in the arts, with plenty of local experience under their belts. While it may be a rebuilding year, the club remains confident going into next year, as many underclassmen have expressed interest in auditioning next fall.


By Anna Steadman

Features editor

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