The issue with modern relationships

Why is our generation struggling to commit, and when did “I love you” lose its meaning?

It seems like our generation adores the idea of a relationship but does not want to put in the effort for a relation- ship. The promises without commitment, affection without the strings. Is it more of wanting friends with benefits and mask- ing it with the title, “dating”?


We can agree that “I love you” and “I am in love with you” have two different meanings. When a relationship is new and the phrase is already being used, how do you know if that person genuinely loves you? The words “I love you” are being overused. As a result of this over saturation, the phrase begins to lose its meaning. It is obvious that this kind of “love” is superficial. Then again, love is not just conveyed through words; It is expressed through actions. The moment when some- body says I love you should be a moment to rejoice, not one to speculate about. That moment should make you feel special and should solidify the relationship.


Liela Marrett claims, “If they have been saying “I love you” since week one, and then show that they love you many weeks later, then you will be able to pick up that they not only love you but are in love with you.”

Brianna Leveille agrees, but thinks that most people do not understand the difference between showing love, and saying it.

Freyja Feeny thinks the issue with commitment in our generation is due to, “the conditioning of our generation by a world of fast and instant-gratification technology (like smartphones) to the point where we have lost the concept of permanence and the motivation to really work for something. The moment something gets boring or difficult we “dip”.

Modern relationships, if they succeed, go too fast, and if they do not, it is because people do not want to be tied down. One’s perception of love shapes the entire relationship. Maybe we are overthinking or maybe we are just hopeless romantics.


By Chevelle Williams

Photo editor

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