Things to do in Quarantine

By Amanda Mack, contributing writer

Are you tired of watching Netflix all day, or spending hours scrolling through TikTok? Have you rewatched all your favorite shows, or ordered too many new clothes? Are you looking for some quarantine motivation? Well look no further! Our world is a pretty crazy place right now, so no matter what you have been doing to keep busy, you should be proud of yourself for doing the best you can! But, if you are looking for something to do, here are some of the things that I have been doing!

Although it may seem as if this island is so small, and that you have been everywhere, I’m sure there are some places you haven’t been. If the weather is nice, and you are bored, go for a walk somewhere that you have never been. It will surprise you how different Nantucket can look from the stereotypical main street and Surfside beach. Getting outside is a great way to clear your head and boost your mood! If you don’t have the ability to drive somewhere, go for a walk around your neighborhood! That can be just as fun! Another way to stay sane and feel rejuvenated is exercise! If you are someone who doesn’t normally like to exercise, start small! Take an online yoga class, or watch a beginner work-out video on YouTube! If you are someone who normally goes to the gym, but can’t because they are closed, don’t give up! So many fitness trainers, on the island and on the internet, are offering virtual classes and videos to cater to our exercise needs at home, and it is very important that we continue to support them! 

If you know me, you know that I love a little bit of change. Every time my friends come over to my house, they always say, Amanda, you rearranged your room again?! Yes, I did, because it always makes me feel better. Right now, it probably feels like groundhog day. You wake up everyday and look at the same things, so change up your view by rearranging your bedroom or living room! It will make you feel so much better!

With almost everyone in the world staying home right now, people are missing out on social interaction and conversation that usually helps them get through their day. With the extra time that we have, it is important to be checking in with friends and family. A simple text message can really brighten someone’s day. A FaceTime call can give someone a chance to talk to someone other than their family! Checking in with those you care about does not take much effort, but can make a big difference! 

Being stuck at home with your family is the perfect way to take advantage of family time. While it’s easy to get annoyed by your siblings and parents right now, remember that this precious family time won’t last forever! There are so many things to do as a family at home! Try doing a puzzle, even if you don’t think you like them! Trust me, you will be hooked! Make a trivia game about your family or anything else! Cook meals or bake treats together! Make a fort and watch a movie in it! Create a scavenger hunt! The possibilities are endless. 

Lastly, but in my opinion most important, take this time to work on yourself. Take extra time to do things for yourself that you don’t normally do. Read a book, or listen to an audiobook for fun, or to educate yourself on something you don’t know much about. Explore new hobbies such as photography, poetry, drawing, music, or learning a foreign language. Duolingo is a great, free app for learning a foreign language, or practicing one that you are learning! Create a post-quarantine bucket list with things you are looking forward to! Set goals, short term and long, that will keep you motivated and excited for the future. This is a difficult and unfortunate time for everyone. So much is still unknown and it is easy to let negative thoughts overtake our attitude towards the situation, but if we all try a little harder to make the most of each day, good things will eventually come! 


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