The American Tragedy

By JohnCarl McGrady, editor in chief

He’s a white man with a gun

So all the kids run 

Get down, take a knee 

Scream you can’t breath 

Begging for help 

But nobody will come 

Just a white man with a gun 

That’s the American Tragedy 


Yelling where were you, times up, me too

But both the men running are rapists 

And you have to choose 

Cause they’re famous 

So blameless 

And you won’t know 

Till it happens to you 

The sad truth is they don’t believe 

That’s the American Tragedy


You slave all day

For the rich man’s pay 

But you can’t numb the pain 

Except with drugs on the brain 

Your doctor prescribed 

For the CEOs greed

There’s no such thing as a living wage 

That’s the American Tragedy


Blood and soil 

Shaved heads and war spoils 

IQ and tinfoil 

Build a wall to stop the dream

Kids in cages as the oceans boil

You lost your leg for foreign oil

But you can’t afford to bleed

That’s the American Tragedy 


You’re alive till you’re born

Then you die by the score 

Scorn for the poor it’s a mess

We call BS 

On this billionaire express 

She prays to nothing, nobody, no one, no more

Cause there’s nothing left to believe 

That’s the American Tragedy 


You want to die 

Part of an epidemic considering suicide 

Cause we feed the Machine

With the young and the old and the weak

The world burns as children cry 

And red rockets burst in the sky 

I’m out of lies and life and liberty 

That’s the American Tragedy

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