Boys hockey charges through season with winning streak

By Katie Genthner

Photo by Christian Mack

As the interscholastic winter sports season begins to unfold, the Nantucket Varsity Whalers Boys Ice Hockey Team continues to uphold their victorious title, kicking off to an impressive start. Despite the safety measures taken into precaution, and the minor changes applied to normal play, the reigning Cape & Island League champs have yet to experience a loss this season. With three successive wins and a single tie under their belt, the team is so far satisfied with the results of this season. 

Though kicking off to a great start, Head Coach Scott Corbet and Senior Captains James Culkins, Marsh Hickman, and Alex Freeman are well aware of the competitive season that lies ahead, and the requirements they must meet in order to fulfill their goal of winning the league title yet again.  Reigning Cape & Islands League MVP and NHS goaltender James Culkins stated it perfectly; “it’s been a good start, but we have a lot of games ahead of us, and there are many improvements needed to be made”. With this in mind, the varsity players will not only continue to work hard individually in hopes to achieve their personal goals but rather put in the effort in making connections between each other as a team to further their chances of bringing home the title.

 Considering the loss of some crucial players, as well as the newly enforced mask mandate, the team is successfully adapting to the new environment both on and off the ice. Newly recruited freshmen players Michael Culkins, Hunter Strojny, and Colby O’Keefe have already begun to reflect their strengths, ultimately contributing to the outcomes of the season thus far. Senior Captain Marsh Hickman is impressed with the effort shown by these new additions: “The contribution from our three freshmen has been excellent so far this season. Colby has filled in as a lead role on the fourth line and Mike Culkins and Hunter Strojny have improved very quickly to fit our system on our defense.” 

Though aware of the uncertain season ahead, many of the team members are keeping their heads in the game, proving to display steady progress as the season continues. With a positive mindset, and keeping their eyes on the prize, there is no doubt that the Nantucket Varsity Whalers Boys Ice Hockey Team will continue to impress. 

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