Ceramic mystery cows spark holiday cheer

By Maclaine Willett, Assistant News Editor

Throughout the holidays and continuing on through this new year, the residents of Nantucket have taken interest in a new and interesting attraction popping up in areas all over the island. On a night in late December, two ceramic, life-size cows were moved from the yard of their owner to the lawn fronting the Old Mill on Prospect Street. The simple and silly presentation of these mysterious cows took the island by storm, specifically on social media. Posts involving the cows went viral, and it was soon common knowledge around the island that a holiday trick was afoot. Scott Bamber, the owner of the cows, was filled with just as much confusion as the rest of the island. Although this trickery may have initially agitated the owner of the cows, he and most others who have seen the cows can agree that this island-wide joke provides light to the dark times we are all experiencing. People all over the island have been looking forward to where the cows will be next, making it resemble a sort of scavenger hunt around Nantucket that provides a youthful air to the community.

As suspicions continued but no new leads were followed, the culprit(s) decided to switch the scenery of the cows again, and a few days before Christmas they were seen at the Milestone rotary in plain sight. This did offend some community members, since that rotary is a memorial site. But most have decided to give those moving the cows the benefit of the doubt, and believe that it was an unintentional mistake. Before long, the cows were seen in the vast yard near Consue Springs right next to the duck pond. This site was probably the most popular since it was the easiest for people to see and even come close. There were many instances where community members actually participated in the joke and took pictures in front of the cows when they were seen here. By this point, the pair of cows were flaunting holiday scarves and bells and the mystery became one of Christmas spirit for the whole community to enjoy and partake in. As of now, their final move was to the lawn in front of the Atheneum building, where the cows remain presently. 

Although none are completely sure who is behind the mystery of the cows, it is evident that this playful act allowed Nantucket community members to steer their minds away from the unfortunate circumstances during the pandemic and return to much lighter and friendlier times. It is unknown whether or not the cows will be moved again from the lawn of the Atheneum, and where to if they are moved, but many people are waiting in anticipation to see where the mystery movers decide to place them next. 

Some speculate that this may become a tradition of some sort, specifically around the holiday season, but no one really knows since the ones leading the stunt have yet to be unmasked. Whether they are to be revealed or not, many community members on the island can agree that the mystery of the cows may be considered a Christmas miracle, spreading spirit and entertainment to Nantucket during these uncertain times.

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