Island Cup cancelled, Junior Prom delayed as COVID shakes plans

By Camie Strojny, Sports Editor

Junior Prom & Island Cup

After much consideration, the administration has decided to delay the Junior Prom and cancel the annual Island Cup. The Island Cup, a football game between Nantucket and rival island Martha’s Vineyard, was cancelled after a player from Martha’s Vineyard tested positive for COVID-19 and the team was forced to quarantine. Junior Prom was delayed to next fall because the administration believed it would not be safe, sparking some controversy in the community. However, regulations were then changed, and it was rescheduled a second time for June.

Junior Prom was initially scheduled for May 15th at Great Harbor Yacht Club. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has not banned proms across the board, but they did “strongly recommend” schools to not host them April 2nd, and not too long after this statement was made, the junior class received an email from Principal Vasil:

“In the need for safety and caution, the Junior Prom is being postponed. — Not canceled, but postponed. Mr. Lucas [Junior Class Advisor] is already working to plan a new date in October.”

Junior Class President Sarah Hanlon respects the postponing, though she conveys her frustration and restlessness against Covid-19. Hanlon expresses “it is very hard for many juniors to accept the decision as it felt like we were finally going to have some sort of normal.” A lot of preparation had been put into this dynamic event, yet setbacks and constant misfortunes continuously follow their way. However, after some slight changes to state guidance, Vasil sent out another notice, this time rescheduling from Fall to June. 

With this, many questions and concerns have been raised about the Senior Ball. Unfortunately, the seniors did not receive a Junior Prom last spring, and may not experience a Senior Ball either. Paul Buccheri, Senior Class Advisor, and the senior class officers are working towards a Senior Banquet as an alternative. This means that there will be no DJ or dancing, and rather seated 6 people at a table with masks, spread across the beach, and a speaker with music. This way, the event technically won’t be a dance, and State guidelines won’t recommend that it is canceled. Many Seniors are upset, but there is still hope something can be done in order to experience a formal event—once again, the Class of 2021 has no choice but to play with the cards it was dealt. 

More disappointment came on April 20th when the Island Cup had been canceled due to a Martha Vineyard’s football player testing positive for Covid-19, putting all the players in a 10-day quarantine. This would interfere with the game’s set date of April 24th, and the Fall II season had to end in order for spring sports to start — canceling the game altogether. The team pushed through a good season, and it is very saddening it had to end shortly before their big rival game. Captain Gannon Mooney discusses the issue, stating, “It was heartbreaking for this game to be canceled especially with me being a senior. The only good to come out of this is that the Class of ‘22 will now have a home Vineyard game. I wish the class of ‘22 the best of luck and they better keep that cup here.” As of now, there is no senior recognition night in place.

Going forward, Juniors will likely have a Prom next year, and the Island Cup should continue next year as well. 

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