Local Senior Has Embarrassing Life (abrv.)

Do you know those people that are ALWAYS finding themselves in an embarrassing situation? Well, I am one of those people. I don’t try to, in fact I try NOT to, but it just happens. It’s who I am. So, here is my compilation of the most embarrassing situations that I have experienced! 

The first situation is waving enthusiastically to someone you pass in a car thinking you know them and then not realizing you have the wrong person until they awkwardly smile back at you without waving. If I’m being honest I do this at least 2 times a day. 

The next situation is continuing to talk to someone long after they have left, especially if you are in public and other people see the whole thing. Yes Natalie, I still frequently think about the time you left me in stop and shop while I was still talking to you. 

Saying “you too” when a server tells you to enjoy your meal. Or in my most recent case, saying “it was awesome, thank you” when the server asked if I wanted dessert. This brings me to my next embarrassing moment which is when you can’t understand what someone is saying no matter how many times you ask them to repeat it so you just end up laughing. 

The next situation is tripping or falling in front of a large group of people when you are alone. Yes, I have done this walking down the cobblestones by myself while a mob of people were coming off of the hy-line. 

Failing to connect your headphones to your device and having your music play aloud. Yes, in middle school computer class my headphones were not plugged into the computer all the way and the entire class heard Meghan Trainor singing “All about that Bass” until someone came over and plugged the headphones in for me. 

Tripping while going up on a stage. Yes, in both sixth and seventh grade when I walked up onto the stage in the auditorium to receive my end of the year awards, I tripped up the stairs. 

This next one is when you show your friends or family something that you think is HILARIOUS but they can’t even pretend they found it funny. Once again, I am “one of those people” that finds everything funny, so oftentimes when I share things, no one gets why I am laughing so hard. 

A situation relevant to this past year is not being able to unmute your mic when the teacher calls on you, or in my case, having such a horrible connection that when the teacher calls on me the google meet just disconnects. 

Accidentally sending something to someone that you meant to send to someone else. Yes, one time I meant to ask my sister if she got my pants from old navy but instead asked the entire powder puff group chat.

And last, but certainly not least, and something I’m sure every Nantucketer can relate to is getting tumbled in the waves at the beach. My worst experience with this is getting washed up onto the shore right at the feet of some woman who had to run away so I didn’t trip her.

The point of this is not to make you feel bad for me, although I’m sure by now you probably do. The point is to show you that this is life. Things happen, life happens, and you can either overthink it until you go crazy, or you can write a veritas article and laugh about it. I chose the second option. Life is too short to get caught up in the past anyway.

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