The Kill

By JohnCarl McGrady

You are still in atramentous night,

Predator-still, the pause of rapt anticipation

You long to hunt, but you are bound and now

Are still

Obsidian-still as the mantle bleeds streams of starlight

Thirty paces away

She combs the trestles of her silver hair

In the grass bed by the shallow pond

And you watch

Frozen-still as her toes dabble in the little ripples

Oh, but there is agony in peacefulness

Watch her free the tangles from her luscious hair

Her skin is silver like the moon

And she is soft 

And you are still

But come!

The night is bleeding, bleeding light

The chains about your teeth are loosed

The fetters fray, you free your fears – 

She is slight and you can kill

No more still in silent shadow,

Loose the cry, the call, the gasp

Up she springs from tender grass

You lunge, she screams, you seize, you clasp

Free the bleeding maiden’s heart!

There is NOTHING

Only death!

I taste her sweat, your blood

Your breath!

I laugh in slashing dream,

Look! Her hair is cut!


The night is red,

Behold the dawn!


It stains your teeth!

Throw back your head, your throat

You finally eat!

No longer soft, 

No longer still,

You sate your thirst,

You drink your kill!

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