Field hockey to playoffs: first time since 2015

Lily Remick, assistant news editor

The end of the Lady Whalers Field Hockey team’s season was incredibly powerful—the women on this team united to make it to the playoffs for the first time in six years. The team, along with their peers and the public, noticed throughout the season how many tried to scrutinize the team for being unsuccessful and of having no chance of winning any games. Regardless of how opinionated many are, the women strived to prove the public and themselves as mighty and strong. 

The key component that caused these players to fall behind in games was when they started out weakly, lacking momentum and adrenaline. Over time, team members learned to work on starting off strong. For their playoff game against Lunenburg, the team got together later than usual as a way to make sure their energy wouldn’t fade by standing around early before the game. They also spent the twenty minutes before the game pumping up their energy by persistently running drills. Finally, the clock ended and the whistle blew for the game to start. The energy was higher than ever after these measures, and the women were more than ready for the game to begin. Right before the clock ended, the girls got in a team huddle and got serious. They talked about strategy, and how this game would be the last game for many of the seniors. The three minutes before they were to face Lunenburg were spent bonding and pumping each other up. 

The whistle blew for the playoff game to begin and the Lady Whalers took off. Throughout the game, the Whalers were able to read the other teams plays and knew where they were going to go or where they would attempt to put the ball. The Whaler players read the other team’s energy, even before starting out the game, and it was certainly no match for the Lady Whaler energy.

The game overall was intense; the Whalers mainly had possession of the ball. There was a lot of control on the Whalers part; however, the score of 2-0, with the Whalers on the losing end, didn’t show the game.  When the ball got close to the Whaler’s net, their defense sprung into action and kept the ball out well. Whaler’s goalie Willett did a lot behind the scenes that is hard to see from the stands, such as guiding the defense as to where she needed a strong support side on the field. The midfielders supported the offense immensely by being a strong backbone. If Lunenburg got the ball past the forwards, the strong midfielders would bring the ball up as far as they could and support as much as possible, and smart plays which made a huge difference to the game. Lunenburg had to fight to get the ball past the Whalers, they started strong and never gave up the passionate energy that they had worked hard to bring higher. The Lady Whalers finished this successful fall season with a 5-3-1 league record.

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