Polar Express reigns supreme

Maclaine Willett, Editor-in-chief

Picture this; you are sipping hot chocolate on a chilly winter’s night, the snow is falling in patches covering the icy grass below, and you are snuggled underneath a blanket on the couch. With the lights of the Christmas tree flooding the room, you reach for the remote to the television and turn it on. Immediately your eyes are introduced to an infinite number of shows and movies to watch, but your heart is set on a Christmas movie. But, you are faced with the earth-shaking difficulty of making a possibly life-changing decision. What Christmas movie do you watch? 

Yes, I know that you have from basically the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas day to watch all of the Christmas movies you wish, although I guiltily begin watching them even earlier than Thanksgiving. But this is a matter of which movie you choose first. Or in other words, if you had to choose one Christmas movie to be able to watch for the rest of your life, and only that movie, which one would it be? The answer is obvious. The Polar Express. 

There is no other possible answer to this dilemma, The Polar Express is by far the best Christmas movie to exist, and will be forever. This is for many reasons, but let me start with the most obvious one, the incredible storyline. This movie has one of the best storylines of any Christmas movie. For starters, the concept itself is clever and enticing. Who wouldn’t want to watch an animated movie about children who take a trip to the North Pole on the Polar Express train? And don’t be deceived; the whole movie is not just set on this train.

This is what makes The Polar Express so entertaining, the writers of this film take you on a journey where the train faces obstacles on its trek, sliding over frozen lakes as it spins and twirls on the slippery terrain, circling mountains on tiny trails and around the frozen caps, and through maze-like entrances to the North Pole. The audience is then taken on an even more interesting adventure once the main characters reach the North Pole, where you are taken with the children to the secret room where elves decide who’s naughty and who is nice, or to the conveyor belts that act as water slides that carry the presents to Santa’s large bag atop his sleigh, or even to Santa himself at what seems to be the climax of the movie. Whether it be the scenes on the train or in the North Pole, The Polar Express has a great storyline that ties the audience in and grasps their full attention.

The Polar Express succeeded at winning my affection for not only the entrapping storyline, but the important lessons and messages that are presented throughout the movie. The main character, of whom was not given a name, struggles with believing in the magic of Christmas and Santa himself. So, when he is taken on this journey on the Polar Express, his mind is opened to the possibilities of the magic of Christmas as he begins to believe. And the word “believe” becomes rather important to his development in this story, being that the lesson he learns through his journey is that seeing is not always believing, and sometimes it is this believing in what seems to be impossible that opens the door to new possibilities. He is able to make new friends along the way and really understand the meaning of Christmas. The other characters learn lessons that hold individual value as well, and this is another aspect that makes this movie so valuable. 

As anyone would confirm, The Polar Express fills you with a joyful feeling that is almost unexplainable. Anytime you choose to watch it close to the holidays, maybe with friends or family, you are instantly filled with this feeling of comfort, happiness, cheer, and well, magic. If you wish to watch a movie that makes you feel everything there is to feel during the holidays, it is The Polar Express.

Personally, it takes me back to the days during elementary school when we would watch a movie in our little clusters on the last day of school before winter break. Huddled together, sipping hot chocolate, we would watch The Polar Express every year. And every year, I would look around at my peers and, even though I was very young at the time, felt and recognized this grateful feeling of the holidays. The Polar Express brings this notalgia and makes me feel at home, and I’m sure it makes others feel just the same. I feel almost connected to the characters, and therefore, to their journeys in the movie, and anyone who watches it would feel this as well. Whether it be during your school day with classmates, with friends at one of your houses, or with family members, The Polar Express is the best choice for holiday entertainment to really engulf you into the holiday spirit and the true meaning and values of Christmas.

No movies can compare to that of The Polar Express during the holidays. So, please, for the sake of your holiday cheer and experience, consider watching The Polar Express next time you are searching for a holiday movie to watch. You will not be disappointed.

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