Bright future for girls’ lacrosse team

By Kalina Natcheva, contributing writer

The Nantucket Girls Lacrosse season has arrived, officially beginning on Monday, March 21st, 2022. The team has started preparing themselves—both emotionally and physically—for their upcoming games against some of their challenging opponents. Currently, their first game is scheduled to be on Tuesday, April 5th, 2022, against the Barnstable High School Redhawks.

This season’s Nantucket Girls Lacrosse team’s coaching staff consists of Head Coach Jami Lower, and assistant coaches Max Perkins, Kate Freed, Allan Law, and Paul Cronin. The Junior Varsity is also coached by the same group of coaches. In addition to this year’s coaches, the team is being led by senior captains Evelyn Fey, Anna Hudzik, Mimi Belanger, and Ava Mosscrop, who have all begun to motivate their teammates and guide them through the beginning of their exciting season. 

In order to establish a positive practice environment and be ready for intense games, the team has begun to think about their long-term goals—both individual and collective—and ways to better their overall performance.

Senior Captain and defensive player, Anna Hudzik, praised high hopes for the team’s goals this season, as she expressed, “I believe that the team can make it pretty far this season, we have the talent all across the board in every position.”

This year’s team has a wide variety of players from different grade levels, which will surely implement different advantages and techniques into the team’s gameplay and overall dynamic. Senior Captain and goalie, Mimi Belanger, honored the team’s strong relationship, as she stated that “a lot of the team has been playing with each other since middle school, so we have a very good connection with each other.”

Belanger also highlighted the team’s current strengths, as she explained that “everyone on the team has grown into great players and teammates and I think that is what makes such a great team.” This year’s team is filled with great talent and attitude that will be displayed to the Nantucket public very soon, as many fans are eager to cheer on and support girl’s lacrosse.

In addition to intense, daily, two-hour-long practices, the team has been mentally preparing themselves for what is to come, and, more importantly, how to work together as a unit. Hudzik shared that the team’s most important values, including “positivity, mental health, determination, and hard work”, will ultimately lead them to victory, and that she hopes that the team will “be the team that represents girl’s lacrosse in positive ways—whether that’s sportsmanship, to shoutout games, as well as off the field.” A united, positive mentality will ultimately be a significant determining factor for the team’s future, as these values are just as valuable as visual skills.

Although the team is entering the season with a powerful, motivated demeanor, the girls have also shared how they have come across a few challenges, and how they will not let their struggles overtake their determined mindsets. Junior defensive player, Lana Bresette, noted that the team is looking to improve their control on the field, as she explained that “the team is filled with so many talented players, which can be super fast in games, which can sometimes result in turnovers and losing the ball.”

Bresette reflected on how this team’s challenges will be outweighed by their many strengths. She stated that “the team is very good with communication, so being able to tell our teammates to slow down and take a breath will be super helpful for that.” Freshman attack, Suz Peraner, also added that the team is “focusing on not getting down when they make mistakes, and bringing everyone on the team up when they happen.”

As the thirty-six athletes are scheduled to be playing a total of twenty games, both home and away, they will have to utilize their team unity and drive to begin their season on a high note. Overall, the team has made it very clear that they are completely ready for their season with two crucial factors guiding them: their passion for the game and their determination as a team.

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