Nantucket needs a bowling alley

It’s a random Friday afternoon. You and your friends scramble to evacuate the school as fast as possible, eager to start your weekend and relax. You chat about your day and how school went, maybe mention a hard test you had that day or a funny memory from first period. Then when you finally reach your cars in the parking lot, you all stop what you are doing and come to a realization. What are you going to do for the rest of the day? 

Specifically living on Nantucket year-round, this question comes up a lot. Sure, you could go for one of those long drives that lasts for hours, circling the island over and over again. They are fun, but sometimes it gets old. One of your friends offers up the idea of going to one of your houses to watch a movie, since you can’t go to the beach because it’s winter. But you just did that last weekend. You want to switch it up, find something new to do, and there is nothing. You and your friends are at a loss. 

Now let’s take a trip down memory lane. It is your parents this time, experiencing their teenage years on Nantucket. And instead of doing the same old thing over and over, they immediately resort to the first activity that comes to mind. Bowling. Lucky them, they had a bowling alley. I am jealous, and I am sure most people my age are as well. A bowling alley is something that I believe would make a great addition to the island, so why not bring it back?

We year-rounders always talk about how the winter can sometimes be so boring here. I am not saying that it is unbearable, there are still some things to do, but why not provide another outlet for people to enjoy a fun activity with friends and family. This would be the perfect thing to add some excitement to the cold winter months where swimming at the beach is not an option. 

Another great thing about something like this is the atmosphere a bowling alley provides. You walk in, and instantly you are greeted with the smell of fresh pizza and fountain sodas. You see the array of bowling shoes displayed on the shelves and just jump at the chance to get the game going. You walk in with your whole family, sit down in your lane to lace up your shoes, and spot another family across the way that you are friendly with. You say hello, crack a few jokes about who is going to come out on top, and laugh along with the fact that none of you are really that good at all.

Then you spend the next couple of hours or so enjoying the company of friends and family with some healthy competition, and when you are done, and the winner is crowned, you can enjoy a quick dinner to wrap up the night. In some cases, the younger ones of the family can enjoy some time in the arcade on the side.

Building on that last piece regarding the atmosphere, imagine that environment, but here on the island. We are already such a close-knit community, all faces recognizable among crowds, all greetings friendly and welcoming. So, one can only picture how lively and entertaining that atmosphere would be in a place like this, where everyone knows everyone. The competitions among families, the instances where you run into old friends and meet new ones, and many more friendly interactions would only be the tip of the iceberg. 

Another way in which a bowling alley would be positive from the community standpoint is the venue itself. Think of all of the new events that could be held there, either charity or promotional events, or even birthday parties for the youth. For organizations like the well-known Harvey Foundation, a bowling alley could be a great place to hold a charity event for all ages. With not only bowling, but food and refreshments, and maybe even an arcade, what more would you want for an event? It would suit all ages, bringing the community together through one of the most enjoyable recreational games. 

I could go on and on about the positives that would come from a bowling alley on Nantucket. Whether it be to provide entertainment for teenagers who just need to switch things up once and a while, or to hold events for the whole community to share, or just to have a place for families to spend quality time together, a bowling alley on Nantucket is a must. I have heard many other people my age express the same wants for a bowling alley, so I am hoping that one day this can be achieved. I think that year-rounders need something like this to cure some of the seasonal boredom we endure all winter, and I hope you agree too!

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