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NHS teacher shortage points to underlying issues: “chaotic, top-down miscommunication”

As Nantucket High School (NHS) finds itself in a teacher shortage crisis, instructors at the school point to a “top-down” lack of communication and support in the system, and high cost of housing as key causes.


  • We need to talk about Shein

    by Nina Walder, contributing writer Shein. The multi-billion-grossing fashion brand, known for its dirt-cheap prices, is a household name. It has dominated the fashion retail scene and has outsold giants in the industry, including Zara and ASOS. Shein boasts tens of thousands of products catering to all styles and, according to Vox, around a thousand…

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  • Guys and Dolls musical performance at NHS

    by Sarah Swenson, editor-in-chief, and Rory Murray, contributing writer This winter, Nantucket High School (NHS) students dove into rehearsals for the musical with vigor, putting on a series of four shows in March as a culmination of their work. The cast performed “Guys and Dolls,” a show full of flashy costumes, dance numbers, and accents…

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  • If you are not listening to MARINA, you should be

    by Taylor Bistany, news editor If you see me walking in the halls or in class with my AirPods in, chances are I am listening to the artist MARINA. I personally believe she is a very underrated artist and should be acknowledged more.  If you don’t know who she is; she is a Welsh singer…

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  • Women around the nation face abortion access denial

    by Taylor Bistany, news editor After the overturning of Roe v. Wade, a decades-old Supreme Court precedent on women’s privacy rights, many women across the country were terrified about the potential consequences. However, access to the abortion pill over the past few months has been increasing in general. For those who are unfamiliar with the…

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  • NHS Musicals a senior’s perspective

    by Natalie Mack, assistant editor-in-chief This past month, I performed in my last ever production on the Nantucket High School stage. This was a bittersweet moment for me and many of my castmates. I have been doing the NHS spring musicals since freshman year when we put on Mary Poppins. My freshman year was when…

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  • The Willow Project

    by Taylor Bistany, news editor Many people have seen all over social media the “Stop Willow” act. Willow is in regard to the Willow Project. Most know that it has to do with some type of oil drilling in Alaska and that it is bad. But what really is the Willow Project doing? And what…

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